2016-03-31 1-2-3 priority

One of my favourite tools
for planning and review
is 1-2-3 priorities:

Essentially I have
one major item,
two secondary items, and
three minor items.

Deciding on
what is the primary,
most important item,
is a good exercise,
that makes it easier to focus.

The minor items are usually very small,
but might be something good to remember,
or something that can be done quickly,
but would otherwise be procrastinated.

The limit on the number of items
is important, as it forces you to
cut away low-priority items up front.

1-2-3 is easy to remember,
and the total number of six items,
is in the sweet spot of what we as humans
easily can process in our working memory.

I developed this method of prioritising
a while ago, and is using it regularly,
good effect, so it is definitely something
that I can recommend.
I might also have mentioned itin an earlier post.

A concrete example
of the 1-2-3 prioritisation
can be seen in myquarterly review.