2016-04-03 Writing subjects

When doing daily writing,
sometimes it happens,that I am out of inspiration,
and not sure where to start writing.

A counter-move against this
is to have a list of possible writing topics or area
to get yourself started.

So this is a list of ideas (for myself)
to help brainstorm a subject:

  • Sources of the topic
    • Recent experiences that taught me a lesson.
    • Books, films, or similar I have seen.
    • What have I observed recently that I can learn from
    • Challenges I meet and need to overcome
    • Look back into what I have written recently and look for patterns
    • Interesting facts, and knowledge
    • Actually working through a question, or similar that I want to look at
    • Go through my notes, and see what pops up
  • Typical subject areas
    • Technology
    • Productivity and self-development
    • Self-reflection
    • Reviews