2016-04-13 Mythology ownership

Recently, I was reminded about the importance of myth,
when listening to an audio book version of
Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

This also makes me even more aware
of the choice of mythology that I share with my son.
Currently we are reading fairy tales, and have dived into
Biblical stories, Norse mythology, Aesop’s fables and so on.

Here I consciously choose, the old free culture,
rather than the proprietary stories that he
learn anyhow through kindergarten etc.

Mythology is our cultural basis, and therefore it saddens me
when the cultural heroes of today comes from
Spiderman, Big Hero, Minions, and Mickey Mouse,
where the mythology is owned by large corporations,
where you are not even legally allowed to draw the stories yourself.

The old stories are beautiful, and most new mythologies,
are rehashed versions of the classical ones.

Therefore I will encourage to dive into
the old free stories of the world.