2016-04-16 Discipline and flow

The days are different:

some are driven by discipline,
some are fully in flow,
some are low and lazy,
some are perforated by passion.

I notice that there are
distinctly different drives
that dominates my days:

Structured self-discipline. This state is driven by check-lists, and calendar and for planning and reviews. I have built a toolbox for this, which consistently gets me into focus on a regular basis. I have a structure of review, that makes sure that I will visit this drive every 3.-4. day. This is especially good for keeping direction, habits, survival/tidiness, and getting back into focus.

Focus in flow. This state is where the mind dives into a subject, and forgets time, and everything else. A good way to get into this is to consciously start on the thing you want to do, and only focus on that, maybe with an optional minimum time-box. While it is good for creating things, it also has a danger of getting out of the wrong tangent and can end up as semi-waste of time. This is especially good for being productive, and easy problem solving (99%), as long as the direction is kept.

Laying low. This state is used for recharging the mind, when to much happens. The conscious mind focusses on something lightweight, to let the unconscious process and get up to date again. Typically time is spend with a boring movie, audio book, or computer game. The important thing is to break this in the evening, to be fresh the next day. A good trick is to use this time for practical housework or similar.

Passion or inspiration. This state is about opening up for synchronicity, ideas, and inspiration. Can be triggered by going out with few plans, or diving into certain thoughts, or not doing anything. Good for the big picture, difficult problem (<1%)