2016-04-17 Mobibl

A while ago I decided to make
a public library web/app.

You can see the prototype in progress on
It does not have a backend yet,
so searching, ordering, etc. does not work.

The source code, and progress tracking, is:

The initial design has 4 views:

  1. Search. A primary reason to use it is to find a book/material that you want to borrow/order. An innovation here is to make the facets much more prominent, and an active part of the search, right beneath / almost as a part of the search bar.
  2. Creative Work. Focus on a book or other material. Clean design with focus on the content. Also includes history of previously visited works on top, and related materials in the bottom.
  3. Library. The map of libraries is primary, as it both enables the user to select library, and also helps the user to find/navigate to the library. Then it contains meta information (and later news/events) of the library.
  4. User. User status ordered by use cases: 1) arrived books, 2) renewal/due loans, 3) ordered books.

In this weekend, that is my main focus.