2016-06-02 My “projects”

I recently looked at the different activities, that I am involved in, tried to find patterns. There are four different categories that I want to focus on (in no particular order):

  • My son, – spending time and doing activities with him.
  • Myself, – self development, new experiences, and all the practical stuff at home etc.
  • Work projects, – things that might put bread on the table in the long run, mainly with Computer Science.
    • ClojureScript/Clojure development
    • Focus on web/apps and some data processing
  • Vision projects, – things that I want to create for the impact and Computer Science interest
    • Touch oriented “programming language”
    • Reactive distributed persistent database / approach distributed computing, – based on persistent data structure + ipfs + CRDTs. Very useful for reagent-based apps, and also good foundation for other projects.
    • Network of gratitude + meta information. Has aspects of alternative valuta, and social network, but quite different at the same time.

I intend to use this, such that in every sprint, I choose one direction that is the primary focus. In additions to the sprints, I also look into habits, which are orthogonal to this.