2016-06-04 ABCD-treat

20160605_205941When I make cake or goodies, one of my recipes is the ABCD-treats. The ingredients are: almonds, banana, chocolate, and dates.

The preparation is like this:

  1. Blend/grind the almonds into a coarse almond flour.
  2. Blend the bananas and the dates (blending the dates alone, is too difficult for most blenders, so first blending some banana, and then some dates into the banana makes it easier)
  3. Mix/knead the almonds, bananas and dates into a dough, and bake it. I usually shape it in long thin pieces.
  4. When cooled down, cut the pieces into smaller treats/cakes
  5. Melt the chocolate, dip the treats into it, at let it cool down

You can also skip the chocolate step 5), and then use the treats as a small energy bar, that can also be frozen for longer storage.