2016-06-30 Quarterly review 2016q2

Quarterly review is a very good habit for me. It sets a sense of direction, and it is a good way to learn from the past. Now it is time for that review.

I usually find six topics/areas for reviews as well as planning: 1x most important, 2x major, 3x minor minor things.

My planning just sets the direction, and is often overly ambitious. This means that I will be happy, even if only a small percentage actually gets done. Life volatile, so we will see what it actually brings.

Review 2016q2

The major focus for the last quarter(s), has been to work on the open platform for the danish public libraries. It has has been released and is running in production, and now I am moving on to other projects. For me, this has been an important project, as the library sector is very close to my heart, and in the same time it also gives me economic freedom to persue my own projects in the next quarters.

I also spent a lot of time with my son this quarter, while his mother has been busy with exams. Played with lego, doing practical stuff together (sewing, cleanup, cooking, etc.), read and told stories, and much more.

There has also been a bit of progress on my Computer Science interests, – did some performance measurements of different trie data structures within javascript virtual machines, and have also dived into / worked conceptually on some ideas within distributed systems and touch interfaces for software development.

Another project I have been working on is an app for FM-Tools. This is still in progress and not released yet.

I am also finding back into my body, after neglecting it for a while, – moving and dancing a bit more again.

My own IT infrastructure has also been updated, where I have transitioned to use docker of most of my website and services.

Plan 2016q3

Release software twice a month. I would like to get into a good cadence of creating apps and other software releases. Concrete releases might be the FM-Tools app, a B-Trie implementation, the Alive project, some utilities for Tinkuy, and so on. I have a huge backlog of projects, that I would like to get done.

Exercise regularly. I want to get into shape, get more in touch with my body.

Regular public writing. I would like to make writing a habit again, and also become better at sharing what I write, – including putting it on social media, overcoming my inhibition in that direction.

More outgoing activities with my son. It would be good to build a larger social network with kids in his own age, – so in the coming time we will focus on activites with more children/parents.

Improve my development toolbox. My focus is to make HTML5 ClojureScript apps quickly. Thus I want to improve my toolbox, – including switching to / mastering spacemacs, which seems to be the best development environment for this kind of projects.

Be more social. The previous quarters has been very focussed on work, so now it is time to be more outgoing.