2016-07-06 Productivity tools

About a week ago, I changed my systems for structure and planning. The tools Org-mode and Habitica, – and this is how I use them:


Org-mode is a part of Emacs tools for outlining, time-tracking, note-taking, project-planning, todo-lists, authoring, etc.

I keep my calendar in the outline mode, with a separate level for sections-of-life, quarters, half-months, and days/sprints, – this gives a good overview and planning.

I also use the time tracking capabilities to track how much time I use on different work-tasks and similar stuff. There is both a buitlin timer, as well as a pomodoro-clock, – which is useful fo getting into work mode.


Habitica is a habit-tracker with some gamification elements, – and I only use the daily-tasks elements of it, where I have three types of tasks:

  • exercises: I keep track of my exercise routine
  • work: I have a number of tasks, corrosponding to the number of pomodoros / half-hours of work, I want to do per day.
  • practical checklist: such as have a clean kitchen, no screen time in the evening, empty inbox, and so on.

The daily tasks are only in the weekdays (not Sunday). I also added a daily extraction/copy of habitica data, such that I can do statistics later on.