2016-12-07 Sprint: off / practical

This is a non-technical sprint – focus has been mostly on practical stuff.

Notes from 3-day() sprint about

  • Oprydning, ophæng ting på væg, og andre praktisk/hjemlige ting.
  • Virksomhedsregnskab
  • Bits of progress on blog-editor
  • Meeting, – maybe BibCover project
  • Start reading up on statistics, ie. Feller: An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications

using: ClojureScript, Google Calc, Feller-stat-book


  • Probability operations and sets, reminds me of abstract algebra
  • Different kinds of statistics, ie. Maxwell-Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein, and Fermi-Dirac. – I need to look more into this.