2017-01-11 deploying with github travis and unpkg

Releasing with github, travis and unpkg.

I have just released a small JavaScript library: “reun”. During this, I streamlined my release process, with the following file structure

  • dynamic files
    • main.js contains the code
    • README.md contains documentation (may be autogenerated from code later on)
    • package.json contains the version number, and meta information (may be autogenerated from the code later on)
  • project-specific files
    • icon.png – icon for the project
    • .travis.yml – build recipe, need to run travis setup npm (and gem install travis before that) to update it for new projects.
    • CNAME – set the domain for your website
    • (config.xml for cordova deployment, not in this project)
    • (Dockerfile for automatic building of image / server deployment, not in this project)
  • generic files
    • index.html – webpage for project that render README.md (or an app-entry loading main.js if it was an app instead of a library)
    • dev.sh – web server + live reload for use during development
    • .gitignore ignore temporary files

When I bump the version number and commit to github, the following happens:

This infrastructure is free for opensouce projects, and makes it trival/automatic to release new versions.