2017-02-24 Stream of consciousness and book idea

Stream of consciousness and book idea

stream of consciousness in the airplane posts that I need to write / would like to write

frugality and voting with your money.

Book idea: travellers gift

Various small pages with concepts, ideas, sotries, tips and tricks, maybe goal of 64 pages, – for giving when travelling.

Draw as a4-pages, scale down to a5 or smaller.

Sample ideas for pages

  • folding a crane
  • Mythology of Greece and Rome
  • Mythology of Scandinavia
  • Phrases in various languages
  • tips for couchsurfing and hospitality clubs
  • public speakng
  • some interesting mathematical proofs
  • amount of CO2 per mile for various modes of transportation
  • social dancing
  • guide to drawing various simple forms/figures
  • first aid guide
  • fact about the universe
  • games, ie. dots abd boxes
  • how to draw a labyrinth
  • basic music playing, simple blues improvisation, intro to node systems.
  • software development with turtle graphics example.
  • manners in different cultures
  • dao
  • christianity
  • etc.
  • history of the world
  • edible plants in the danish nature
  • survival tips
  • scouting, i.e. north, keeping warm, etc.
  • guide to copenhagen
  • guide to denmark
  • guide to europe
  • guide to earth
  • guide to the solar system
  • guide to the universe
  • challenges i.e. a la rejection therapy
  • degrees of graph-connection
  • zoneterapi / foot massage
  • massaging guide
  • exercising
  • go out into nature
  • tips to packing a back
  • minimalism
  • reparing stuff, i.e. sewing, glue, …
  • philosophers boiled down
  • internet privacy
  • favourite movies
  • favourite music
  • scrum
  • regular review
  • summary/review of good books – GTD, Carnegie, …
  • favourite ted talks