2017-04-23 Master of Orion II

Master of Orion II

I played the old dos game Master of Orion II with a friend the other day.

Afterwards I thought about a strategy, which I want to try out next time we play (co-op). I am writing it down here in order to remember it:

  • Race:
    • Democratic/creative
    • Rich/large/artifact home world
    • +1 food
    • +1 production
    • Non-diplomatic, with bad defence
  • Plan:
    • Build: Colony bases
    • Research: Automated factories
    • Build: Scouts + Colony ship
    • Research: Research lab + Robotic factories
    • Research: Food/Growth/Spies (and focus on expanding new colony)
    • Research: Pollution processors + Missiles
    • Build: Colony ship
    • Research: Supercomputer + Morale (and make money for expansion meanwhile).
    • Research: Robo-miner plants (and add extra research planet)
    • Research: Environmental + Missiles + Armor, Stock Exchange + Alien Management, …
    • Try to catch some subterrans..