2017-07-31 Communication channels

Previously I assumed, that most people read the email they get, and have they actionable emails readily available. I use email as my primary mode of messaging, regularly empty my inbox, and and it works very efficient. Then I saw the inbox of a friend, and realised how wrong my assumption were.

Emails can be received to an inbox, or to a stream of information. In the latter case actionable items may drown, og get missed. This also made me understand, why some people, prefer to communicate on facebook, whatsapp, telegram, twitter, linkedin, etc.

This also made me curious: what is your primary means of communications?

My current primary communication tools are:

  1. email
  2. sms / phone
  3. riot.im
  4. github
  5. web (i.e. blogs of friends, etc.)
  6. facebook, twitter, linkedin, couchsurfing, slack, etc. (very irregularly)

Actionable messages that gets to my email, stays right in my face until I answer them. sms, phone, and riot.im also are quite sure to get answered, but if there is a long-term actionable item, I usually transfer it to email, or add it to my backlog. The rest is check once in a while.

This also makes me realise, that if I want to communicate more effectively, a simple optimisation is: to use the primary communication channels of the receiver.