2017-08-04 Status update

I generally neglect social media, but after the birthday greetings on facebook, I decided to post a short status update on my life there:

Thanks for the birthday greetings! :)

Here is a quick status update
about what is happening 
in my life at the momement:

Professionally, I am diving
into IPFS / distributed systems 
(mainly for fun: I have lots of
ideas within Computer Science
including computational blockchain,
which I now have decided to explore).
At the same time, I am contracting
at a danish startup call Triggerz.

My son has just turned 5 years old,
and we are playing a lot,
building with legos,
talking about man-things, etc.
He has one year left in kindergarten,
during which, we will probably regularly
to take extended weekends in Jutland,
such that he gets more connected with
the west coast, and my family roots. 

Dancing is a big part of my life again
- came back through great contactango dances 
in the spring, and great tango in Berlin
(and good swing dancing and Sommerdans in Copenhagen).
Berlin feels like a second home to me now,
as I am going there regularly at the moment.

Other things in my life these days 
includes: (arranging) geeky meetups,
spending time with friends,
a book once in a while, 
and I have gotten back to 
hosting travellers in my home.

Mysticism / spirituality / religion
(or whatever you call it) is also present 
and has a conscious spot in my priorities.