2017-08-25 JS-IPFS Mini Hackathon

JS-IPFS Mini Hackathon, 25.-26. August 2017

I have recently started diving into the code of js-ipfs, and think it could be fun to make a mini hackathon, to see what we can build on top of it in 20 hours.

Let’s meet at my place at 17:00 on Friday 25., talk about what we could build, and start building it. Then we find something to eat, and code and play, until we get tired. We meet again in the morning the next day, and continue, until 14:00, where we do a demo, and debriefing of what we have learned and done.

It is quite easy to get started using js-ipfs, – there are some nice demo/introductions here:

During the hackathon, we can also have small breaks, we present what we are doing, – or if we have learned something interesting. I have a projector if needed for presentations (800×600, and only vga-cable, so bring adaptor or hdmi-cable, if you want to use it, and your computer do not have a vga-output).

The plan is to build whatever we like, though it would be nice if the focus is ipfs/javascript. I will probably either build a small react-app that uses js-ipfs, or dive further into the js-ipfs by solving some of the github-issue. Let’s also do some pair programming for knowledge sharing.

If you want to join, send me a mail (rasmuserik@solsort.com) or sms (60703081). The hackathon happens in my living room here, and we will be at most 8-10 people.

Rasmus Erik 🙂

PS. feel free to share this to people that might be interested.