2017-12-18 dancing

Interesting public events in the coming weeks in my plans (maybe see you there?):

  • December 18. 8:30am: Fri dans i det Fri at Søndermarken (good, but I missed it last time, not able to go there today either)
  • December 19. 8:30am: Morgendans at Absalon
  • December 19. 7:30pm: Swing dancing at Studenterhuset (maybe)
  • December 21. 8:30am: Morgendans at Absalon (maybe)
  • December 22.: Blissmas Dance Party in Koncertkirken (haven’t been there before)
  • December 26. 8am: Morgenyoga in Tinkuy
  • December 26.: Putluck and dance in Tinkuy (maybe)
  • December 27.: Fem Rytmer dance at Koncertkirken (maybe, haven’t been there before)
  • December 28.: Morgendans in Absalon (maybe)
  • December 29.: Dance in Tinkuy (maybe)
  • December 30.: Family dance in Absalon (maybe)