2018-03-09 life hack: economic incentives

A small life-hack, that I am trying out
is to add an economic incentive
to things I want to do more /less:

When I do not want
to spend time on watching
videos or playing computer,
I add a price that I have to pay
for every hour I do that.

If I have a goal of
how many hours I want
to work on a certain project,
I add a penalty for the number
of hours I miss the goal.

For example this means,
that it is more expensive for me
to stay at home and watch a movie,
than to go out to dance class,
which aligns the economic incentives
with my personal priorities.

The size of the economic incentive
can be scaled to your income,
so it is applicable, no matter what
the economic situation is.

It might take a bit of time
to find the right size
of the cost.

I choose to pay the penalties
to a humanitarian organisation,
where I still feel that it goes
to a good cause,
but wouldn’t have paid to