Authentic Improv

Authentic Improv combines Authentic Relating games, Improv Comedy exercises, and other things such as ToastMaster table-topics, etc.
This page various notes in relating to faciliting such an event.


  • Welcome + plan
  • Handsigns to facilitate event (from XR and Ecstatic dance)
  • Welcome circle – names and one thing you love (IC)
  • What is Authentic Relating, Improv Comedy, Toastmasters, Tinkuy, XR
  • Safe space, respect boundaries both others, and your own.
  • Check-in round (XR)

Games and exercices (start with IC-games and transition into AR):

  • zip zap zop
  • questions only
  • "Yes, and ..." / Accept
  • Talking circle, person in middle improvise talking until tap-out
  • No-but / Yes-and – party planning
  • spelling bee
  • "mind meld"
  • chinese whisper line
  • Table topic: pick random topic + feeling
  • "I need a" three things
  • Stand-still mirror circle
  • two truths + a lie
  • Tell unknown about eachother (TM + AR)
  • Observation / noticing game "What I notice when I’m with you is.." then repeat: "Hearing that, I’m noticing...." (can be other persons appearance, sensations in your own body, thoughts you are having, emotions), inner+outer circle.
  • Eye-contact, – one person seeing and one being seen, – the one being seen may reflect on
  • Curiosity –1) A asks B questions genuinely curious about (B may answer, refuse to answer, make something up etc.) 2) What did B like about A's questions, and what did B wish A asked. Possibly as hot-seat-group exercise.


  • Ending circle – reflection how do you feel, possibly thank eachother.
  • Cafe + start cooking

Futher sources:

  • "The Authentic Relating Games Night Handbook"
  • search for "improv comedy exercises"