Clojure devlog

This is a log of my progress of returning to Clojure.

Project ideas

  • personal dashboard-app (timelog, server-status, clock etc.)
  • book recommender – reimplemention of bibspire (needs update).


Done /TODO-list

  • setup database for server luminus project


Done / TODO-list

  • √ install java + lein
  • √ choose/setup clojure IDE
    • spacemacs + inferior lisp (choosen as probably most "mainstream" and requires least fiddling – and emacs is lisp-oriented – will miss proper vim folding though (know this from experience, as I used spacemacs some years ago))
      • Spacemacs install: defaults to dev-branch which was broken at time of install :( Checking out master in ~/.emacs.d/ solved the problem.
      • add clojure layer spc-f-e-d, add clojure under dotspacemacs-configuration-layers
    • vim + fireplace + paredit (used this earlier with clojurescript, worked ok)
    • neovim + conjure (looks interesting/promising but will try out spacemacs for now)
    • (not looking into IntelliJ VS-Code as I want to use it in the terminal)
  • √ create new clojure project (lein new ..)
  • √ update clojure-notes on website, and start devlog
  • √ connect to mysql-database
  • √ look into clojure/web-backend libraries: probably diving deeper into ring+compojure+sente – luminus might be a good approach (exploring reitit instead of compojure)
  • √ join clojurians
  • √ quick diving into luminus
  • √ start dev dashboard on server
  • √ brainstorm/plan initial minimal dashboard functionality (to be build a la luminus guestbook)