ClojureScript + VIM – development setup

Notes about setting up a ClojureScript dev environment with vim.

(switched to spacemacs in 2022 though)

Survey of tools

Build tools:

  • shadow-cljs – simple / ease of use, – I'll start out with this one
  • leiningen – main clojure build tool, – I guess this is the best one to learn in the long run
  • boot – leiningen alternative, mostly developed in 2014/2015/2016 – leiningen/shadow-cljs looks like better bets

VIM integration:


  1. start shadow-cljs project – follow
  2. see if fireplace is easy to get working
  3. SUCCESS! NB: remember :Connect 3333 and :CljEval (shadow/repl :build-id)

Simple scaffolding heavy app npx create-cljs-app my-app

Date created: 2021-05-06