Curriculum Vitae

2013-now   One man company –


  • Software development sprints (mainly opensource)
  • Consulting
  • Workshops

Own (start-up) projects:

  • 2019-2020 BibSpire automatic literature recommendations, resulting in 10%-20% extra pageviews in 20%+ of danish library websites giving significant increase in reservation.
  • Projects in pipeline / prototype: Vores Kalender, MyCrud, BibData, Forsider, ...
  • Past attempts: AppEdit, Mobil biblioteksapp, ...
  • Minor projects: Tak kort, Weekly movement, KøbenhavnerFar


  • 2019-2020 BibSpire literature recommendations in library websites
  • 2020 Learned to speak/understand German (GSK at Niels Brock + practice in Berlin).
  • 2020 Image recommender system for Statens Museum for Kunst (Python/
  • 2019-2020 Image categorisation for Nationalmuseet (Python/
  • 2019-2020 Playing with Virtual Reality development (BabylonJS etc.)
  • 2019 Hack4DK 1. price
  • 2019 Minor start-up project: (/ – event aggregation and event search engine. Paused / on hold due to too little time, – and now corona.
  • 2018 Consulting for DBC, – development on Læsekompasset, Den Åbne Platform, samt Quiz-projekt
  • 2017 Consulting for Triggerz – a promising startup – development on their platform.
  • 2017 Project: tool for semi-automatic book cover graphics generation for Ballerup Bibliotek
  • 2018-2019 Data science workshops at BibliotekarForbundet and University of Copenhagen.
  • 2017-2018 Development of "genre-space" model of literary genres.
  • 2017 Minor start-up project: AppEdit tools for live webapp coding, – cancelled as no suitable business model found.
  • 2016 Bid on public tender for national library app
  • 2016 Fully functional library web/app prototype on top on Den Åbne Platform. (not running anymore, due to API deprecation).
  • 2016 Consulting for DBC: major role in developmen of Den Åbne Platform danish public library infrastructure.
  • 2016 App development project for facility management start-up. Project failed without pay, – lesson learned: charge per incremental delivery, and avoid startups with bad technology-stack.
  • 2015 BibApp literature inspiration app, that won 1. prize in competion for best cultural data app in 2016 (not running anymore due to API deprecation).
  • 2014-2015 UCC-organisme backend for art project
  • 2014 Visualisering af relationer project for Vejle Bibliotekerne
  • 2014 Software development for small webinar-start-up. Failed project, mainly due to start-up owners split apart.
  • 2013-2014 Consulting for Hammertime. Including javascript to legoland-billund website, 360º viewer, etc.

2009-2013   Software Developer @ DBC

  • Various projects within JavaScript infrastructure, including coding on JavaScript engines of Firefox(Spidermonkey in C++) and Java(Rhino in Java).
  • Work on search engine(building query optimiser) for old version of
  • Automated testing, mobile, and lots of other stuff.

2009   Master degree in Computer Science

Master degree in Computer Science from University of Copenhagen. Thesis on programming languages for mobile devices, – including creating a dialect of JavaScript that ran on feature-phones. BSc. thesis on data compression Including library and information science studies at RSLIS.


  • Taught (and designed the course) for the Computer Science part(50%) of first semester of the at that time brand new education "Kommunikation og IT"
  • Designed course and taught programming at math department (part of SaSt3)
  • Study project on course design and evaluation, including creating new method for course evaluation.
  • Teaching assistant in several computer science course, including pattern recognition/image processing etc.

Part-time jobs during study:

  • Software development at DBC.
  • Project manager at digitisation project at Library of Copenhagen
  • Developer in Tetraplan, including performance optimisation of 3d road-noise simulation engine.
  • Developer in IT-Lab at RSLIS including research projects.
  • Developer in programming language research group at university, with x86 machine code analysis and partial evaluation.


  • Taught dance workshops/events, did public speaking at conference, technical talks, and workshops. Studied Improv Comedy and Toastmasters.
  • Beautiful ideas, mainly within Computer Science (unpublished) – for example a algorithem for decentralised blockchain computing, data across time in functional/visual data-flow language, optimisation of social network structures for communications, and more. Feel free to ask me about these over a cup of tea.