Places where I like to go out dancing in Copenhagen:

  • 5rytmer – fredage
  • Happy Feet Studio – nogle fredage
  • Absalon – morgendans, samt nogle fredage/lørdage, (contact impro is also nice, but collides with my schedule)
  • Tinkuy – desværre sjældent dansearrangementer forøjeblikket
  • Studenterhuset – swingdans om tirsdagen

Please tell me if you hear about good events, and I'll add them here :)

Fun video - evolution of dance:

Various old dance notes

Dance notes (in progress)
My dance

I prefer fusion dance, such as contact-tango.
My roots come from argentine tango (since 2003),
and later many other dances, both solo and social.

Get in touch, if you feel like a dance exchange,
especially if you have different dance roots than I.

Chronological notes and experiences:

  • bringing and caring for your own energy in the dance
  • being with partner vs creating a dance
  • exercise: sitting spread legs, rolling, half push up.
  • tarot archetypes in the dance