Fusion Friday

Currently not running

Fusion friday, – first friday in the month in Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, 1209 Copenhagen:

  • At 4pm we start out with a small workshop, with games and exercises typically taken from contango, fusion dancing, authentic relating, improv comedy, circling, bodywork, tango, contact impro, blues and swing dancing etc. followed by free dancing.
  • Around 6pm we make a vegetarian dinner, and eat together
  • After dinner we either go out together as a group to another dance/creative event (ideas are welcome), or continue with a dance jam and talking in Tinkuy.

Bring your friends!

Send a mail to fusionfriday@solsort.dk or sms +45 60703081 to sign up.

We need to buy groceries for the dinner, snacks, etc., so please pay:

  • 30 kr if you are both a student and a member of Tinkuy
  • 60 kr if you are either a student or a member of Tinkuy
  • 120 kr otherwise
  • free for the first two Tinkuy-komplet medlemmer who signs up
  • free if you help organising it – such as helping in the kitchen or doing part of the workshop

and do sign up at least 24 hour before the event, so we know how many are coming, and how much food we should buy.

Help organising it, – send a mail to Rasmus Erik, fusionfriday@solsort.dk, or sms: +45 60703081.

Code of conduct:

  • Be considerate and respectful. This is a safe place, no judging, – we support each other.
  • Respect the bounderies of yourself. Exercises such as eye contact, performing, and physical connection may be intense. Remember to listen to yourself and feel what you are comfortable with. It is always ok to take a break at anytime.
  • Respect the bounderies of others. If somebody says no with either words, expressions or body language, it means no – be attentive. If you feel that somebody is not respecting bounderies, tell that person and/or the organisers.
  • Help out, and tidy up after yourself. Leave the place better than you found it.
  • No shoes. No alchol/smoke/drugs. No sexism. No heterosexism. No racism.

(This is a first draft of a code of conduct, – send a message if you think we need to add something!)