Network of gratitude

A project idea that I have had laying around for a while is a network
of gratitude

The core idea is that when I feel in gratitude to you, I can digitally
say that I owe you something like a dinner, or I owe you thanks for
hosting me while travelling etc. And then, when you also say whom/what
you are grateful for, – it is possible for me to repay the favour by
doing something good for someone else 🙂

Another aspect is that when I am making an event, or do something for
people I do not know well, then instead of them feeling in debt or maybe
even bringing flowers or wine(which I am not good at appreciating). If
they can see whom I am in gratitude from, or what causes I believe in, –
then they know that they can just repay the favour in another direction
if opportunity arises.

There is also the network effect, – so if I know that you are gratitude
to somebody, whom I have helped in the past, then I will feel less shy
about asking you for help.

How could this be implemented? I believe it would make sense to digital
it as a digital open organic decentralised barter economy. Digital
in the sense that machines are very good at working with large networks,
and keeping track of relations. Open both in the sense of openness
of data and infrastructure, and thereby also open about whom I am in
gratitude to. The openness is also the guaranteeing factor that protects
against misuse. Organic economy in the sense if you owe me a favour,
and never get around to repay it, then it does not matter, – organic
economy has the technical meaning that the virtual money loose value
over time, which encourage spending / paying it forward. Decentralised
in the everybody can create a digital I owe you, – ie. the
trust of value of the gratitude-credits lays within you and me and the
individual people and organisations, instead of trust of money from a
centralised bank. Barter economy in the sense that gratitude is not
connected to a specific amount of money, but more that I owe you
something in the size of a dinner.