On God

What is God?

A major question in life is, whether there is a bigger meaning, something eternal, something “God”. We can neither prove of disprove it. It is a question of trust.

It feels logical: if there is no bigger meaning, nothing really matters, but when there is God, then things might matter. Thus it makes sense to me to assume that God is. It turns out that an old mathematician, Pascal, came to a similar conclusion.

I use the term God in a very wide sense: אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה (I am, I am), the meaning, the universe, the eternal, love, that which cannot be conceived. I cannot define it. I know that it is.

When I ask what God is, when I dive down into the religions and mythologies, I get a feeling of a common core. When Jesus talks about about love, when Muhammed talks about the merciful, when Gautama talks about enlightenment, when Lao Tse talks about Dao, I feel that hey are saying the same. The pantheon of the thousands of beings in hinduism and other mythologies are different aspects, and faces of the underlying singular Godhead.

In the mystic, God is God, no matter which name you call it, – it is beyond names. The important part is not to be distracted by the veil, not to make an idol of the book, but instead feel the direction, that it points towards, but cannot show.

God is.