Purposeful computing

Purposeful computing is an approach to improving the focus and efficiency of interaction with digital devices. Every time you use a computer, do the following:

  1. Write down the task, and the starting time
  2. Do the task, and only the task
  3. Write down the ending time

The idea of purposeful computing is to increase awareness of what you are doing, and its purpose. I am going to try this out over the coming months.

How in practice ?

Simple: a text file. The first thing I see when I open the computer, and last thing I see when I close it. One line for each time I use the computer:

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2017-07-30 10:15-10:21 read recent annevoel.dk
2017-07-30 09:34-10:15 writeup: what matters
2017-07-30 06:44-06:46 check weather + emptyinbox
2017-07-30 06:15-06:21 writeup: purposeful computing