Research topics

Personal note about possible topics for articles

  • Veduz-project (structured information editor and calculator)
    • Cross-platform (Mobile/tablet/pc/console/vr) user input methods and interface
    • Efficient editing of structured information
    • Semantic zoomed / folded interfaces
    • Data calculator (including zooming into computation over time).
  • Danish Public Libraries
    • "Genre space" through dimensionality reduction using behavioural data (a bit similar to latent semantic analysis using the text)
      • User interface for discovery: Using item distance measure(genre space) to structure browsing of collection or search result
    • Approaches and goals of recommender systems (collaborative filtering – broad vs. specialised literature – curated content – similar vs discovery of new – etc.)
    • Experiments with improving recommendations (needs an "ok" from infrastructure provider)
    • Analysis of patterns in (anonymised) library user behaviour
    • Sammenhæng mellem dobbeltudvikling og organisationsstrukturer i den danske bibliotekssektor
  • Decentralised information system
    • A blockchain computer
    • Backend-free and decentralised information systems and infrastructure
    • Decentralised organisations (and topology of distributed algorithms)