v5 Input grid

One of the goals of Veduz is that it should be efficient to use across different devices and input methods. It's approach to editing resembles the way the vi-family of text editors works. The core input method is a grid of up to 36 commands that the user can choose from.

  • On tablet devices and mobile in landscape format, the commands are choosen from a 3x12 virtual "keyboard"
  • On mobile in portrait format, the commands are choosen from a 6x6 grid of buttons
  • [TODO] On controllers (on gamepads, virtual reality, , etc,), the commands are choosen from 4 3x3 grids, where the thumbstick
  • With keyboard, the virtual 3x12 keyboard is shown, and each visible command is bound to a physical key.

Each button in the grid then emits an event, that is used to update the state (similarly to Elm and re-frame (and later redux..)).