Veduz Data Calculator

Veduz is a moonshot project with the goal of creating a new way to work with code and data on mobile phones, in VR and on traditional computers/tablets.

Some of the ideas originated during my master thesis in 2009, – and I am working on it on and off in-between other projects.

Some milestones/progress:

The idea is to create a data calculator and tree/list editor. It is a novel approach to processing data, similarly to how a calculator processes numbers, or how a folding text editor edits structured documents.

The implementation could be based/used on concrete use-cases such as:

  • mind-mapping
  • time logging
  • traditional calculator
  • collect, process and organise notes
  • file browser
  • ...

Interactive demo

Not at all usable yet,
– not even a beta-version...

Will also be on