Get Started

How to join the weekly movement:

  1. Set the intention. Decide that you want to do weekly review and exchange.
  2. Open your calendar. Find a time slot in your weekly schedule to dedicate to yourself. Possibly set a weekly alarm to remind yourself to do this.
  3. Choose how you do your weekly review. Start out simple: You could just look through your calendar. You could write down what you feel gratitude for. Or you could do something completely different.
  4. Do the weekly review. Preferably now.
  5. Make a list of potential friends to exchange with. Friends, family, acquaintances on “social” media, or people that you just know are part of weekly movement.
  6. Tell them about the idea of weekly review and exchange. Ask them if they feel like exchanging.
  7. Repeat the review and exchange every week.

When you do this, you are formally a member of the weekly movement 😉