The weekly review is time for yourself, where you reflect on your life, and plan the coming week. An approach could be to write down the answers to (some of) these questions:

  • What do you feel gratitude for in the past week?
  • What have you learned about or stumbled upon? Inspirational quotes, things read, interesting websites or videos, topics studied.
  • What would you like to improve, what is your challenge? And what concrete action or change will you do the coming week
  • Measurable habits/goals (such as 2x going to the gym, or read at least 50 pages in a book, or write 1 blog post, or …). What is your status last week, and your intention next week?
  • What are the major things in your calendar for the past and coming week?
  • What is your focus next week?

Choose which of these things you want to share, and then do the weekly exchange. You will become more accountable towards your own goals, when you state and report on them to your friends.

The best way to do weekly reviews varies with person and time. Refine and find your own approach to your weekly review.

Other ideas and inspiration for the weekly review:

  • Make a drawing or a poem about the past week / coming week
  • Go through the photos you have taken in the week, and choose one
  • Clear your inboxes
  • Review you strategic goals
  • Prune your backlog and choose next tasks
  • Go through your task list and determine next actions
  • Write down what you have achieve the past week