What matters

As I am growing older,
I stop for a moment
and look at life.
Ask myself
what matters?
What is the direction
I choose go.

In the big picture
everything is vanitas.
But as humans we
got a choice,
what do I choose
to matter?

Five things appear:

  1. The Spirit. G•D, The Universe, Nature, that without a name.
  2. The Mind. The World, the Science, the Society.
  3. The Body. The Flesh, the Movement, the Dance.
  4. The Heart. Being Social, falling in Love, Friends, Family, Human Relations
  5. The Offspring. My Son, passing my experience forward in the world.

In each of these
I know I can find
magical moments
where the time
stands still.

In each of this
there is a sense
of that which is behind
on the other side
of the veil.

  1. Through gratitude and madness, glimpses of the universe, the mystic quest.
  2. Through imagination and thinking, uncovering the patterns of math and society, seeing things and structures that have yet to be build.
  3. Through the meditation in moving and dancing, no mind, the body(bodies) moving in itself.
  4. Through human interaction, the thousands of butterflies in the stomach, overcoming oneself and seeing the other.
  5. Through servitude, passing onwards the gifts and experience, remember your roots, seeing yourself in the other.

When I stop and look
at the things I do
I see these aspects
showing up in everything
in different ways.

Date created: 2017-07-30