Solsort Workshop

Co-creative event happened on 2022-05-21 in Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, København K. The day consist of two independent parts:

  • 14:00 Authentic improv
    • introduction (purpose, plan for today, safe-space/code-of-conduct)
    • playful exercises / games inspired by
      • Improv Comedy, Theater
      • Authentic Relating, circling
      • Public Speaking / Toastmasters / Table topics
    • reflection circle / closing circle of first part
  • (16:00 break / pot-luck / cooking together. It is possible to leave/arrive if only participating in one part).
  • 17:00 Dance/movement
    • introduction, welcome/transition circle, safe-space/code-of-conduct
    • exercises/workshop/warmup inspired by Tango, Contact Impro, Ecstatic Dance, dance in general, and other movement disciplines
    • continued dance/movement-jam and maybe eat a bit together. (Event is ending/closing at 20:00 at the latest)

The event tries to connect communities:

  • Extinction Rebellion – I organise this event as a part of XR, and hope that many other people from XR also attend. The event is both thought as a regenerative event, and a way to try to bring more awareness to the climate situation.
  • Tinkuy – I also organise this as a part of Tinkuy – a member-driven co-creative community/space – which is the location of the events. Awesome place to create your own initiatives, or join others. If you attend several events here, or just want the place to continue to exist, please become a member, as this is how the rent is paid.
  • Toastmasters – one of the best ways to become a better public speaker, and a fantastic community to be a part of.
  • Improv comedy, Authentic Relating.
  • Ecstatic dancing, contact impro, swing dancing, tango dancing, blues and fusion dancing, etc.

I have had awesome experiences in all of the communities above, and hope that this event can make more connections between them, benefitting all.

It is FREE to join. It is a co-creative event, and we all do our best together to make it an awesome event.

As with both Tinkuy and Ecstatic Dance there is a policy of:

  • no outdoor shoes indoor
  • no alchohol or other kinds of intoxication

It is a member-driven space, so we all help out to keep it nice and tidy :)
There is both a workshop-room for games and dancing, a kitchen for cooking together, and a cafe-area for chill-out.

In the beginning of each part of the workshop, there will be a focus on having a safe space and how to respect the boundaries of eachother (and oneself): It is always OK to take a pause from the exercises, we'll establish a way to signal if you need space, and you are always welcome to interrupt/talk with me if needed).